We understand that Behavioral Health billing is distinctly different from other types of medical billing and it is more difficult than other areas of healthcare because of the types of services, time, scope, and restraints placed on mental health treatments. For one, mental health payer is not always the same as the medical payer. Reimbursement may be handled by a third party such as Value Options or Magellan, Medicare, Blue Shield, Tricare, and EAP may have their own authorization and billing criteria.

Categories of Mental Health CPT Codes

The mental health CPT codes used by therapists are organized into four distinct categories. These categories make it easier to find the code you’re looking for. 

Psychiatric Diagnostic Interview

  • 90801: Psychiatric diagnostic interview examination
  • 90802: Interactive psychiatric diagnostic interview examination

Psychiatric Therapeutic Services

  • 90804-90809: Insight-oriented, behavior modifying and/or supportive psychotherapy
  • 90810-90815: Interactive psychotherapy

Family Medical Psychotherapy

  • 90846: Family psychotherapy (without the patient present)
  • 90847: Family psychotherapy (with the patient present)
  • 90849: Multiple-family group psychotherapy

Group Psychotherapy

  • 90853: Group psychotherapy (other than a multiple-family group)
  • 90857: Interactive group psychotherapy

Common Mental Health CPT Codes

While there are many codes that may be applicable to mental health services more broadly, in a therapy setting, you’ll probably find yourself using only a relatively small subset of these codes. Learning the most common CPT codes for mental health will help you choose the best code for each service you provide. Here are the most common codes that you’ll encounter as a therapist.

90837 — Psychotherapy, 60 minutes 

90834 — Psychotherapy, 45 minutes

90791 — Psychiatric diagnostic evaluation without medical services

90847 — Family psychotherapy (with client present), 50 minutes

90853 — Group psychotherapy (other than of a multiple-family group)

90846 – Family psychotherapy (without client present), 50 minutes

90875 – Under other psychiatric services or procedures

90832 – Psychotherapy, 30 minutes

90838 – Psychotherapy, 60 minutes, with E/M service

99404 — Under preventive medicine, individual counseling services

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