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Most Efficient Medical Billing

We bring the right processes,technologies & experience people to streamline your revenue cycle so you can deliver finer service care to your patients


As the industry continues to focus on value-based care, it is becoming more important than ever to reduce costs and increase efficiency. Careeo’s team of chiropractic billing experts can help you reach the forefront of new emerging payment models while gaining better data that allows you to provide a higher quality of care.

Chiropractic billing can be extremely complex, and that can sometimes lead to unnecessary strain on the finances of chiropractic practices. In fact, it is estimated that 83 percent of claims fail to meet at least one documentation requirements, leading to Medicare inappropriately paying about $178 million per year. All of this complexity means that coding and billing take up an enormous amount of time and resources to the average practice, and there are still countless errors, leading to denials and underpayments.

By contracting with Careeo Healthcare, you can lower your costs and increase revenue. You can also lessen your dependence on administrative personnel and all the overhead costs that go along with billing. Additionally, you can reduce your risk of both underpayment and malpractice litigation.

Chiropractic billing requires almost the same level of professional skills and knowledge as chiropractic medicine itself. You need skilled coders and billers who know how to apply the correct modifiers, such as AT, to ensure that all of your claims are appropriately submitted. With Careeo Healthcare, you’ll know that all of your billing is up to par and won’t raise any red flags for RACs, MPICs, MACs, and other audit systems. We are experts in our field, so instead of worrying about your paperwork, you can worry about being an expert in yours.

Outsourced chiropractic billing services can relieve the burden of in-house billing, so your office staff can spend their energy and time on what matters: patient care. In addition, billing experts – coupled with effective software – can help improve your cash flow, practice productivity, and patient experience.

Explore whether partnering with insurance billing experts is right for you. Some of the benefits include:

  • Increased reimbursements
  • Quicker claim payments
  • Reduced billing headaches
  • Eliminated billing errors
  • Steadier cash flow
  • Increased patient retention